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I’ve been shooting for almost 20 years but 9 years ago decided to make it my full time profession. Whether you’re just getting started in photography or looking to improve your skills I look forward to getting you to that next step in your photographic journey!

Whether you want to learn Photography, Photoshop, Lightroom, off camera flash or you’re overwhelmed, backed up on sessions and need some help, get in touch!



Editing + Retouching

  • Skin retouching
  • Blemish removal
  • Body Slimming
  • Color correction
photo editor pregnant woman on beachPhoto editor

Education: In-person or Online Mentoring

Each session can be customized around your level of experience and goals. Whether you’re just getting started in photography or looking to take your business to the next level I’m here to help. I’m a Sony sponsored photographer but am familiar with all makes and models from film to DSL-R to mirrorless! Some of my specialties are off camera flash, studio portraits and environmental portraits (blending artificial light with natural light), Photoshop, Lightroom, social media, composition and the foundational steps of shooting in full manual mode.

I’ve wanted to get better at photography for awhile now. I was getting bogged down watching countless YouTube tutorials trying to wrap my head around how light works… I reached out to Ross and walked away from a 2 hour lesson with more value than I’ve gotten from 8 years sitting through tutorials on the internet. THIS MAN IS A LIGHT WIZARD!

Marcus Taylor

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