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Canyonlands Engagement

If you haven’t been to Canyonlands National park you should add it to your list! Such a cool park that was carved by the Colorado River. It’s a breathtaking canvas of red rock formations, winding canyons, and endless horizons. Unfortunately the location we had planned to go to was in the Sky District in the False Kiva but it had been closed off due to humans negatively impacting the space (remember to leave no trace, friends). So we stopped 3/4 of the way into our hike where we were in the open elements of angry mother nature and her 40+ mph gusts. This was our only day to get photos since both us and the couple had driven in from 6 hours away. Not to mention Kat had spent all morning getting her hair and makeup done. It made for a VERY windswept look but nothing a little Photoshop couldn’t fix.

Engagement Session




Canyonlands Engagement

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