Fall Country Engagement | Vermilion, Ohio

vermilion Ohio fall country engagement

Fall Country Engagement | Vermilion, Ohio

We were only in Northern Ohio visitng for a few days so we had a very short window to take photos before a big storm came. We watched the weather all week and Sunday looked the safest. It was partly cloudy but the following day snow and rain were coming. As we were on our way to location in Vermilion the future bride had picked, right before we went down the hill to pull in the parking lot we saw this gorgeous field with the last orange leaves of fall I had seen on the entire trip.
We pulled into the parking lot where everything was dead and the we were losing light as it was in a valley. I suggested we head back a mile to the field and thankfully they trusted our suggestions. We headed there, got set up, started to shoot and the clouds broke and the sun came out. As we were finishing up their photos the sun hid back behind the clouds. It was the perfect 20 minutes of shooting and we were definitely grateful to the Lord for the awesome lighting! So excited to capture this couple saying their I-do’s next September!RKR09222_print



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