Wedding Content Creator

Wedding Content Creator

Colorado + Beyond

What is wedding day content creation?

You may have heard about this new trend popping up and curious what it is. It’s photos and a mini film with the intent to be used on social media. It does not replace our professional photography and videography services this is an add on only. You can expect to receive your content within 48 hours.

This service is available with any of our packages; proposal, engagement, elopement, etc.

How much does it cost?

For content creator services it is $400 to add on to any of our other services or $800 to offer this service only.

What all does it include?

  • Content captured with iPhone 13 Pro on a DJI OM 5 3-axis phone gimbal
  • Minimum 10 photos and 2 highlight videos
  • Raw footage as well as final edits
  • Turn around within 48 hours
  • Creator on site for duration of event if it’s an add on service or up to 4 hours if it’s booked as a stand alone service

An example of unedited content creation by us.