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15 Must Have Wedding Photos

15 Must Have Wedding Photos | Ross Kyker Photography

In no particular order here are 15 must have wedding photos that you won’t want to forget about! It’s all about memories, fun and capturing those details unique to your wedding!

15. Fun Photos!

14. Quite possibly the MOST important one – the fur babies!

13. Reception

12. Ceremony

11. Cake

10. Detail Shots

9. Bride hugging Groom.

8. Bridal Party getting ready.

7. Bride and Groom getting ready.

6.┬áThe First Look. There’s 2 for this one! Groom waiting.

5. Groom turning around.

4. Writing Vows

3. Heads Together

2. Under The Veil

1. The Brides Dress Shot

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15 Must Have Wedding Photos

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