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10 must have poses for your engagement photos

10 Must Have Poses for your Engagement Photos

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your engagement photos and want to know which photos not to miss out on getting then keep scrolling to check out some of my favorites that couples love the most!

#10. The tight hug

#9. Hand in hand walking away or towards you

#8. If your photographer is up for it, the corny “run because there’s a something scary coming” shot

#7. Facing embrace

#6. The hug from behind. Not to be confused with the choke hold. That would make for an awkward engagement session. Unless they’re pro wrestlers then more power to them!

#5. Hand in hand close up

#4. Head on shoulder focusing on future bride.

#3. Lying in the grass shot from above.

#2. With the fur babies!

and #1. the pick fiancé up with leg up.

Creative name eh?

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10 must have poses for your engagement photos

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