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Wedding Detail Photos you Don’t Want to Forget!

You’ve put all that hard work into all of those details for your wedding make sure your photographer remembers to get these! It’s always helpful, as a photographer, to receive a “shot list”. These are the photos you absolutely want. Usually it’s with family and certain bride and groom portraits, but you’ve spent so much time and money on the details definitely make sure you get photos of those too! Below are a few that you won’t want to forget.

1). Bouquet/ you holding the bouquet

2). The rings

3). Getting ready both bride and groom

4). Invitations. I know some people are like “why would I want that?” But again, you spent the time and money and chances are you didn’t save one for yourself so a photo of it is a great option.

5). Your wedding dress. You’ll get a ton of photos with you in it but it’s nice to have one of it hanging somewhere nice. Somewhere inside or as I prefer, outside, is a great option. The photographer will hopefully get creative.

6). The grooms/ brides shoes with his tie and any gifts you may have given him/ her.

7). The centerpieces/ tablescapes

8). Your cake. It’s going to be long gone so you’ll definitely want a shot of it!

9). Writing your vows. This is of course if you wait until the day of, which is actually pretty common.

10). Any special signage you have.

11). Favors.

Of course there’s a lot more you can get depending on what you choose to have at your wedding. But typically, these are the ones that I always make sure to get photos of.





Wedding Detail Photos you Don’t Want to Forget!

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