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How to get Married in a National Park

  • Choose the National Park:
    • Select the specific national park where you want to get married. If you need help choosing we’re happy to help! Consider factors like scenery, accessibility, and any special meaning the park may have for you.
  • Research the Park’s Regulations:
    • Every national park has its own rules and regulations regarding weddings. Visit the park’s official website or contact the park office to learn about any permits, fees, and restrictions.
  • Obtain the Required Permits:
    • If the park requires a permit for weddings, start the application process well in advance. This may involve filling out forms, paying a fee, and providing details about your event.
  • Select a Date and Time:
    • Choose a date and time for your wedding. Keep in mind factors like weather, seasonal crowds, and park hours. Some parks sell out a year or more in advance but don’t worry! There are options like saying vows somewhere outside of the park then getting a photo permit for portraits inside the park.
  • Choose a Ceremony Location:
    • Many national parks have designated wedding sites or areas where ceremonies are allowed. Check with the park officials for suggestions or restrictions on ceremony locations.
  • Arrange for Officiant and Witnesses:
    • You’ll need a registered officiant to perform the ceremony, unless you’re here in Colorado where you can self solemnize and have your doggo be your witness. Ensure they are authorized to perform weddings in the state where the national park is located.
  • Consider Guest Count:
    • National parks often have restrictions on the number of guests allowed at a ceremony. Ensure you’re aware of and adhere to these limits. Also keep in mind some locations may be “standing room only” as some parks restrict the use of equipment such as tables, chairs, tents, banners, displays, etc.
  • Plan Transportation:
    • Consider how you and your guests will get to the ceremony location within the park. Some parks may have shuttle services or restrictions on private vehicles.

  • Leave No Trace:
    • National parks have strict conservation policies. Ensure that you and your guests leave no trace of your event. This includes cleaning up any decorations or items used during the ceremony. Some parks don’t allow flowers that aren’t natural to the environment. Here are the 7 key Leave No Trace principles:
    • Plan ahead and prepare
    • Travel and camp on durable surfaces
    • Dispose of waste properly
    • Leave what you find
    • Minimize campfire impacts
    • Respect wildlife
    • Be considerate of other visitors

Remember, each national park has its own specific requirements, so be sure to check with the park’s official website or contact the park office for the most up-to-date information and guidance. With proper planning and respect for the environment, getting married in a national park can be a truly magical experience.

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How to get Married in a National Park

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